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August 23-27, Location: Arusha

September 6-10, Location: Dodoma

October 11-15, Location: Dsm,

Nov 8-12 DSM,

Course Overview

The non-finance executives generally remain so engaged with managing their own jobs that they are hardly able to find time to learn about the other areas. Rising up the ladder of one’s managerial career when one is required to be the in charge of a business unit, it is imperative for the general manager to have knowledge of all functional areas and especially finance. In this finance course, we will aim at understanding the accounting and financial concepts by those from non-finance background starting from the basics. This course is designed to impart financial management skills to non-financial managers and officers. Participants will be equipped with financial decision-making skills, budgeting skills, and crafting organization financial management strategies.


Course Objectives

The key objective of the training is to impart basic financial skills and knowledge to participants. It will also enable the participants to link the relationship and interdependence between finance and procurement.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic finance terms
  • Apply financial management principles in daily operations
  • Prepare key financial documents
  • Prepare budget
  • Make key financial decision
  • Interpret financial reports.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction to finance and accounting

Module 2: Basic accounting concepts and financial statements

Module 3: Using debits and credits

Module 4: The basics of financial management

Module 5: Budgeting process and its importance

Module 6: Managing the assets of an organization

Module 7: Working capital management

Module 8: Managing the Revenue, Costs, and Cash Flow (liquidity) of the  organization

Module 9: Internal control over financial resources of the business

Module 10: Analyzing financial statements using ratios

Module 11: Internal Control Procedures


Who should attend?                            

Non- finance team and managers in private and government sector

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